Natural Food Supplements & Vitamins

Vitarmonyl products are produced in France, by Vitarmonyl Laboratories, a company specializing in research, development and marketing of natural high-quality products based on nutrients and plant extracts, for more than 20 years. Vitarmonyl’s natural supplements offer a wide range of natural products that cover all the modern needs of a better quality of life. 


12 Vitamins +7 Oligo-elements

Food supplement with 12 vitamins & 7 oligo-elements For energy and well-being. 24 effervescent tablets.

12 Vitamins + Ginseng

Food supplement with 12 vitamins & ginseng. For energy. 24 chewable tablets.

Vitamin C 500

Food supplement with vitamin C. For energy. 24 chewable tablets.

Vitamin C 500 Effervescent

Food supplement with vitamin C. For energy. 24 effervescent tablets

Vitamin C + Magnesium

Food supplement with vitamin C and magnesium. For energy & nervous system balance. 24 chewable tablets.

Vitamin C + Guarana

Food supplement with vitamin C & guarana extract For energy & good shape. 24 chewable tablets

Vitamin C + Propolis

Food supplement with vitamin C & propolis extract For energy & defense. 24 chewable tablets.

Vitamin C + Ginseng

Food supplement with vitamin C & ginseng extract For energy & performance. 24 chewable tablets

Vitamin C Children & Adults

Food supplement with vitamin C for children & adults For energy. 16 sachets.

Vitamin D

Food supplement with vitamin D. For immune system reinforcement. 30 tablets

Magnesium + B6

Food supplement with magnesium & vitamin B6. For tranquility. 30 tablets

Magnesium Children & Αdults

Food supplement with magnesium for children & adults. For nervous system balance. 10 sachets.

Magnesium Β1, Β2, Β6

Food supplement with magnesium & vitamins B1, B2, B6. For tranquility. Against stress & fatigue. 24 effervescent tablets

Royal Jelly + Ginseng + Acerola

Food supplement with royal jelly, ginseng and acerola. For revitalization. 10 ampoules

Royal Jelly + Propolis

Food supplement with royal jelly & propolis For sore throat. 28 chewable tablets.

Biorigine Royal Jelly 1000mg

Food supplement with organic royal jelly and honey For revitalization. 10 ampoules.

Royal Jelly + Probiotiques

Food supplement with royal jelly, probiotics and vitamin C. Reinforce immune system. 30 capsules.

Linden + Honey

Food supplement with thyme and honey extracts. For tranquility and relaxation. 12 sachets.

Τaurimax Get in Shape

Food supplement with guarana, acerola, goji berry, hibiscus, grenade and taurine. For energy and intense activity. 8 ampoules.

Τaurimax Ιnstant Energy

Food supplement with taurine, carnitine, ginseng, ginger, guarana, B12. For instant energy. 8 ampoules.


Food supplement with ginseng, ginger, guarana. Triple action. 8 ampoules.

Οptima Solar Tanning

Food supplement with fatty acids, carotenoids of natural origin, vitamins and minerals. For preparation, activation, tanning extension. 60 capsules.

Οptima Capillary

Food supplement with fatty acids, silicon, sulfur amino acids (cysteine and methionine), zinc, vitamin E and vitamin B complex. For rejuvenation and nourishing hair and nails. 60 capsules.

Μarine Collagen

Food supplement with marine collagen and vitamin C. Ideal for joints. 40 capsules.


Food supplement with maca root. Aphrodisiac. 60 tablets.


Food supplement with harpagophytum extract and vitamin C. Ideal for joints. 50 capsules.


Food supplement with rhodiola extract and magnesium. For Stress - Nervousness. 30 capsules


Food supplement with red yeast rice and grape extract. For high cholesterol. 40 capsules.

Lactic Ferments

Food supplement with lactic ferments (probiotics). For intestinal flora balance. 30 capsules.

Pumpkin Seeds

Food supplement with pumpkin seeds. For male urinary comfort. 60 capsules.

Βrewers Yeast

Food supplement with brewer’s yeast and vitamins B – complex. For vitality – beauty. 60 tablets.

Red Vine – Black Currant

Food supplement with red vine and black currant extracts. Ideal for heavy tired legs. 60 capsules.

Green Tea-Guarana

Food supplement with green tea and guarana extract. Fat burner – 60 capsules


Food supplement with lutein and vitamin A. For tired eyes. 30 capsules.


Food supplement with cranberry extract. For urinary system health. 40 capsules  

Οmega 3

Food supplement with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. For the cardiovascular system. 60 capsules.

Senna Tamarind

Food supplement with senna and tamarind. For constipation. 30 capsules.

Μαrine Magnesium

Food supplement with marine magnesium. For nervous system balance. 30 tablets.

Royal Jelly

Food supplement with royal jelly. For revitalization. 50 capsules.


Food supplement with valerian extract. For stress – insomnia. 30 capsules.

Cod Liver Oil

Food supplement with cod liver oil. For immune system reinforcement. 60 capsules.

Νettle Horsetail

Food supplement with nettle and horsetaile extracts and vitamin C. For skin, hair, bones. 30 capsules

Vegetable Charcoal

Food supplement with vegetable charcoal. For bloating. 40 capsules.

Green Anis+Clay

Food supplement with green anis and clay extracts. For indigestion. 45 caps.


Food supplement with ginseng. For energy. 40 capsules.

Τοp Levure

Food supplement with brewer’s yeast, lactic ferments, vitamins C, E and B-complex. For beauty – vividness. 30 tablets.


Food supplement with spirulina, iron and vitamin B9. For revitalization. 30 capsules.

Μenofemina Hot Flushes

Food supplement with hop, omega 3 fatty acids, borage oil, algae, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. For menopause, hot flashes reduction, help of sleep, maintenance of skin radiance. 28 capsules.

Μenofemina Τargeted Slimming

Food supplement based on extracts of mate plant, elderberry, grape marc, chromium, vitamins & minerals. For menopause, reduce fluid retention, cellulite limitation, maintaining silhouette. 28 capsules.

Αqualigne Fat Burner+Flat Belly

Food supplement with 4 ingredients of natural origin. For flat belly. In a liquid format. 20 sachets

Αqualigne Fat Burner+Drainer

Food supplement with guarana and java plant extracts Fat burner and detoxification. 20 sachets.

Αqualigne Weight Loss

Food supplement with konjac root extract For weight loss. 18 sachets.

Αqualigne Flat Belly 400ml

Food supplement with melissa and guarana extracts. Fat burner and flat belly. 400ml.

Αqualigne Drainer 400ml

Food supplement with active ingredients of 15 plants. For fluid retention reduction and cellulite limitation. In a liquid format. 400ml.

Αqualigne Slimming Coffee

Food supplement based on ground coffee and green tea, cocoa and guarana extracts. Fat burner and drainer. Coffee drink with 14 sachets.

Αlinea Weight Loss

Food supplement based on chitosan. For weight loss. 42 tablets.

Αlinea Αppetite Reduction

Food supplement based on Konjac root extract. For appetite feeling reduction. 60 capsules.

Αlinea Drain – Detox Cellulite

Food supplement based on grape marc and elderberry extracts. For detox and cellulite limitation. 30 tablets.

Αlinea Fat Burner

Food supplement based on guarana extract and chrome. For enhanced fat burn. 28 tablets.

Βιοrigine Cafe – Fat Burner

Instant beverage based on soluble roasted coffee and organic guarana extract. Coffee for fat burning. 12 sachets.

Βιοrigine Cafe – Flat Belly

Instant beverage based on soluble roasted coffee and organic chicory extract. Coffee for flat belly. 12 sachets.

Βιοrigine Skin, Hair and Bones

Food supplement based on organic nettle and horsetail extracts. For healthy skin, hair and bones. 60 tablets.

Βιοrigine Flat Belly

Food supplement based on organic peppery mint and fennel extracts. For flat belly. 60 tablets.

Βιοrigine Τransit

Herbal blend with organic fennel, blackcurrant, anise, chicory, marshmallows, licorice, rhubarb. For constipation. 20 instant beverage  sachets.

Βιοrigine Fat Burner

Herbal blend with organic mate, green tea, hibiscus, green coffee and guarana. Fat burner. 20 instant beverage sachets.

Βιοrigine Slimming Tea

Herbal blend with organic green tea, black tea, orange peel, rosehip, moroccan mint. For slimming. 20 instant beverage sachets.

Βιοrigine Detox

Herbal blend with organic blackcurrant, nettle, melissa, licorice, burdock, dandelion, birch. For detoxification. 20 instant beverage sachets.

Βιοrigine Digestion

Herbal blend with organic fennel, coriander, chamomile, verbena, licorice. For improved digestion. 20 instant beverage sachets.

Βιοrigine Circulation

Herbal blend with organic blueberry, orange, nettle, cinnamon, red vine. Ideal for heavy, tired legs. 20 instant beverage sachets.