Insect Repellents

Spira insect repellents are a reliable and practical way to ensure effective protection from mosquitoes and other insects, for all household and business areas. Spira products are produced in Italy, by the ZOBELE Group of Companies, a global leader with more than 100 years experience in insect repellent production. The new sprays of the product portfolio are produced and packaged in Greece.



Insect repellent coils for indoor and outdoor use, which offer effective protection from mosquito bites. Every reel lasts 8 hours.

Spira Mat

Tablets (14 and 30 parts), which repel and drug mosquitoes and other insects. Every tablet lasts 8 hours.

Spira Set Mat

Easy to use insect repellent device with 10 tablets, practical and protective against mosquito and gnats.

New SPIRA SPRAY for Crawling Insects

Insecticide spray for cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, ticks etc. Suitable for every home /or workplace. Without CFCs.

New SPIRA SPRAY for Flying Insects

Insecticide spray for mosquitos, flies, gnats etc. Suitable for every home /or workplace. Without CFCs.

Spira Liquid Refill

Liquid repellent with active composition, which removes annoying insects effectively from a 40m3 space. The liquid refill lasts for 45 nights.

Spira Set Liquid

Double-duty device with liquid insect repellent. It is a practical solution for repelling insects, which can also be used with SPIRA MAT tablets.

Ultra Safe Set

Liquid repellent device with an on/off switch (children’s protection system), which offers carefree protection from mosquito and gnats.