Orthopaedic & Surgical Disposable Material

BSN was initially created as a joint venture between Beiersdorf Inc and Smith & Nephew Inc. in 2001. In the beginning of 2006, the company became independent in the Wound Care sector as well as the sectors of Phlebology and non-invasive Orthopedics. BSN is currently active in 38 countries and consists of 5 units; Fracture Management, Lymphology, Phlebology, Physiotherapy and Wound Care. Costas A. Papaellinas (Hellas) S.A. has been active in Healthcare since 1976 and has been BSN’s sole agent in Greece and Cyprus from the day of its creation.


Actimove Solea

Post-surgery protective shoe

Artiflex Soft

Synthetic cast synthetic padding

Jersey Cotton Sterile

Bandage from 100% cotton

Jersey Cotton Stockinette

Tube bandage from 100% cotton

Jersey Hydrofuge

Polyester tube bandage

Soffban Natural Orthopaeding Padding

Natural cotton cast padding

Soffban Plus

Synthetic sterile cast padding with Triclosan

Tensoplast SkinTraction Kits

Skin traction

Delta Lite Plus

Fiberglass cast tape with resin

Delta Cast Elite

Light weight, polyester cast tape

Dynacast Prelude

Synthetic splinting system incorporating polyurethane coated fibre glass covered by polypropylene padding.

Dynacast Prelude Precut

Synthetic splinting system incorporating polyurethane coated fibre glass covered by polypropylene padding in pieces from different sizes.

Flashcast Elite

Polyurethane cast tape for children

Gypsona S Bandages

Very fast setting POP less than 2,5 min.

Gypsona S Blue

Plaster of Paris


Highly elastic, tubular net bandage


A non-adhesive, elastic bandage for fixation


Stretch adhesive non-woven fabric bandage

Fixomull Stretch

Wide area adhesive tape

Fixomull Transparent

Wide area adhesive transparent waterproof dressing fixation


Polyurethane transparent tape


Classic tape for normal skin consists of a high quality viscose


White hypoallergenic tape


White hypoallergenic tape from silk

Actimove Abdominal

Abdominal belt for compression therapy after surgery

Actimove Alufoam

Aluminium finger splint

Actimove Clavicula

Functional and highly comfortable clavicula support

Actimove Costa

Rib bandage

Actimove Genu

Knee support

Actimove Manus

Stabilizing wrist brace

Actimove Mitella

Envelope that provides effective vertical support to the arm.

Actimove PTKD

Post Trauma Knee Dressing

Actimove Sling

Comfortable immobilization system for the upper extremity

Actimove Talocast

Ankle brace

Actimove Umerus

Shoulder immobiliser


Pre-shaped cervical collar


Extrication collar

Comprinet Pro

Antiembolism stockings

Elodur Forte

Fine and forte long stretch compression bandage from cotton  

Jobst Elvarex

Compression gloves used for Lymphedema patients

Jobst Lymphcare

Multiple layer bandage system for upper and lower extremities  

Articare Cold Spray

Cold spray


Adhesive bandage from cotton


Strapping tape coated with a zinc oxide latex-free adhesive


A very thin polyurethane underwrap for use under adhesive bandages and strapping tapes.  


Elasticated tubular bandage and provides light support, light compression and dressing retention


Light weight compression bandage

Tensoplast Bandages

Elastic adhesive bandage coated with a zinc oxide cauotchouc adhesive


Low allergy adhesive non-woven dressing

Coverplast Classic

First aid dressing

Coverplast Barrier

Waterproof, microporous first aid dressing

Coverplast Latex Free

First aid dressing without latex


Acrylic adhesive, non-woven substrate

Leukomed IV film

Transparent IV dressing

Leukomed T

Transparent film dressing

Leukomed T Plus

Transparent waterproof film dressing with absorbent pad

Leukosan SkinLink

A unique topical skin closure system comprising of non-woven strips held in place by a topical skin glue.

Coverlet Lite Junior

Coverlet Lite Junior Eye Patch

Coverlet Lite Regular

Coverlet Lite Regular Eye Patch

Cutimed Siltec

Sterile, non-adhesive silicone foam dressing

Cutimed Siltec L

Sterile, non-adhesive light silicone foam dressing

Cutimed Siltec B

Sterile, adhesive silicone foam dressing

Cutimed Siltec Heel

Foam silicone dressing for moderate to high exudate levels especially designed for various heel shapes

Cutimed Siltec Sacrum

Foam adhesive silicone dressing for sacral areas.

Cutimed Cavity

Cavity foam dressing

Cutimed Alginate

Calcium alginate dressing

Cutimed Sorbact Absorbent

Hydroactive, non-adhesive absorbent wound dressing with DACC

Cutimed Sorbact Compress

Hydroactive, absorbent compress with DACC

Cutimed Sorbact Ribbon gauze

Hydroactive, absorbent compress with DACC

Cutimed Sorbact swabs

Hydroactive, swab wound dressing with DACC

Cutimed Sorbact gel

Hydroactive, gel wound dressing with DACC

Cutimed Acute

Effective foam mousse relief to those suffering from dry skin with 10% urea.

Cuticell Uticell Epigraft

Εpithelialisation dressing from cellulose