Green Soap Products

The Malikoutis family has produced the Arkadi products since 1946 with the authentic and traditional way, by using nothing but olive oil, sea salt and water. The complete range of products is aimed at garment care, especially sensitive babywear, but also at efficient housework. Without synthetic additives, colors and fragrances, the products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, tested for their quality and of course 100% Greek.


Arkadi Traditional

Intended for daily housekeeping, with disinfectant action - ideal for clothes, carpets, dishes-utensils and surfaces.

White Soap powder

Environmentally-(natural composition) and economy-(20 washings) friendly - perfect results at low temperatures.

Softener Arkadi Baby

Offers silky smoothness and has pleasant fragrance thanks to its special composition.

Arkadi Baby Green Soap Powder

With 100% natural ingredients (oil, sea salt, water) - perfect results at low temperatures and suitable for any water hardness

Liquid Soap Arkadi Baby

Pure, dermatological tested and hypoallergenic - ideal for baby clothes and also for all the family.

White Soap Βar

Made from palm oil fatty acids and palm pomace, which provide rich and dense foam.

Green Soap Βar

The authentic, classical formula and its disinfectant features, constitute the most valuable ally in everyday cleanliness.