Costas A. Papaellinas (Hellas) S.A.

Costas Papaellinas Group of Companies
Costas A. Papaellinas (Hellas) S.A. is a Greek company, member of the Greek - Cypriot Costas Papaellinas Group of Companies, which markets and distributes a variety of high quality branded products in the fields of health, care and beauty. CAP Hellas was established in 1969, in Athens, by Thanos Papaellinas, son of Costas Papaellinas.

Aiming for the best possible coverage of the differentiated distribution channels the company handles, it has divided its commercial operations into 3 divisions (Consumer, Pharmaceuticals and Medical & Hospital Supplies) each managed by skilled managers, with expertise in their respective fields and a wide knowledge of the Greek market. C.A.P (Hellas) S.A. is certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards and is committed to continuously improving the quality of its services.


The ownership of the group is divided between Paris and Thanos Papaellinas, the CEOs of the Cypriot and Greek operations respectively. The Costas Papaellinas Group of Companies is now one of the strongest commercial entities in Greece and Cyprus, with a combined turnover exceeding €65 million. Its credibility and financial standing are unquestionable. The Papaellinas name inspires confidence and commands respect at all levels of business activity, both in Cyprus and Greece, but also abroad.

Over the last three decades the Costas Papaellinas Group of Companies has grown extensively in several directions. Through successful strategic moves, such as gaining new agencies, buying out related companies, introducing new innovative processes, as well as forging business alliances, it has succeeded in growing the family business twentyfold over the past 25 years. The Group currently employs over 400 employees.
The Greek operations of the Group are run under the Costas A. Papaellinas (Hellas) S.A. name. Following two physical re-locations since its establishment, the company has moved into its own 4.500 m2 headquarters, which is located in the nearest industrial zone of Athens, just 26 km from the center of the city and very close to the new Athens airport, El. Venizelos. CAP (Hellas) S.A. currently employs over 60 people.

In addition to importing, marketing, and distributing in Greece, the Costas Papaellinas Group also operates in Cyprus under the name of Costas Papaellinas Organization (CPO). In addition to being one of the largest import companies of the island, CPO is also among the biggest employers of the Cyprus market, with over 350 employees. CPO is proud about its fairness culture, something that intensely emerges throughout its long history and is also converted into awards.


aith in our traditional values: high quality standards, flexibility to meet challenges, taking advantage of opportunities with integrity, reliability

trong professional bonds and personal contact with suppliers and partners, and appliance of ethical business practices

rust and support to our people: motivation, continuous training & development, recognition and reward of contribution and achievement

are for our clients

ocial and environmental responsibility


CAP (Hellas) S.A. has embedded the basic principles of Corporate Social Responsibility in its strategy and philosophy.

The company has undertaken several actions in its daily activities for packaging, PMD, electrical devices and batteries recycling, as well as energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and pollutants emissions minimization.
Being sensitive towards the society CAP (Hellas) S.A. supports institutions dealing with health and social welfare either providing financial aid or other.

Motivated by the protection and empowerment of natural environment, the company organizes events and activities to improve and support environmental issues with the participation of its workforce.


Human Resources Management
At CAP (Hellas) S.A., our aim is to ensure effective and efficient use of our human resources. Being in an environment in which workforce changes are becoming more frequent we understand that HR Management should constantly change and evolve.

Recruitment & Selection
Whenever we have a need to fill a vacancy, we generate a pool of qualified applicants that have all the necessary attributes/qualifications for the specific job. Throughout this procedure (as well as during the term of employment) we make sure that we always provide:

  • Equal Employment Opportunities

    We allow equal employment opportunities to all of our employees regardless of creed, colour or gender and equal treatment in all employment related actions.
  • Health & Safety

    Health and safety is a priority in our workplace and through frequent training by experts in the field continuous H&S related knowledge is obtained.
  • Training

    Through training, our people acquire capabilities to aid in the achievement of our goals. Our two fully equipped training centres have the potential to accommodate over 100 trainees.
  • Performance Management

    A Performance Management System is used in order to identify, measure, evaluate, encourage, improve & reward employee performance. This system allows us to offer employees a balanced Compensation Scheme, providing sufficient rewards for their knowledge, skills, abilitie and performance accomplishments.